Win a Free AMA With Whale coin Talk

The token with the most votes each month will receive a 60-minute voice chat ama with whale coin talk and a 1-week spacex billboard, with a combined value of over $5,000.

How it Works


The top voted coin every month wins a 60 minute voice chat ama with whale coin talk - valued at over $5,000


Get your community to vote for your token to raise your token Meta Score. Registered users can vote every hour. Unregistered users can vote once daily.


The token with the highest Meta Score at the end of the month with win an AMA with Whale Coin Talk. Each contest will run from first date of the month to last date of the month (23:59 UTC)

Current Leader
Meta Score : 2614
Meta Score : 507
Camel Toecan
Meta Score : 199
Last Months
Last Months Winner
Meta Score : 804
Setter Protocol
Meta Score : 519
Meta Score : 479
frequently Asked Questions

An AMA, short for “ask me anything,” is a voice chat/text chat in which investors and the community ask questions and the developer or other community leaders answer those questions. The Whale Coin Talk AMA will be held inside of the Whale Coin Talk Telegram - A rapidly growing community of over 17,000 investors.

Whale Coin Talk (WCT) is an investment community dedicated to AMAs. All AMAs are live voice chats or text chats held inside their increasingly popular telegram channel. They have hosted AMAs for some of the biggest names in crypto, such as Floki!

All contests run from first date of the month to last date of the month and end at 23:59 UTC (11.59pm UTC). As soon as the contest ends the next contest immediately begins.

Yes! Whale Coin Talk will host any token on any chain given they are not an obvious rug, honeypot, or scam token. We encourage all investors to do your own research when vetting out any potential investment. That said, WCT and CMH can pull the plug at any time for any reason if we do not feel comfortable promoting your token.

The winning token will receive a 20 minute voice or text chat AMA with the WCT community. They will also receive one (1) Twitter post and Telegram post that announces the date and time of the AMA. This promotion package is currently worth well over $1,000 from the WCT team. We encourage you to check out their telegram to see how active the community is.

There is no set time and date. We will reach out to the winning token. From there we will set up a time and date that works best for both parties.

A token can only win once per 90 days. If your token gets first place sooner than 90 days we will simply give the free AMA to the second place token.

Yes. Any token that is an obvious scam will be denied. Any token that is obviously cheating or botting will be disqualified. We will check your social media to make sure you are getting your community to vote. Your token must be in presale or live (no whitelist at this time). We accept fairlaunch and presale tokens.

Meta Score is a formula that includes security, utility, voting, and community. While the exact calculation will not be revealed, a strong community is one of the best ways to increase Meta Score. Registered users can vote once (1) per hour and unregistered users can vote once (1) per day.

Whale Coin Talk